Ekxeeds is an online competition websiteOur Competition are available for all those who wants to progress and to go beyond his own limits.

On each competition, you can post as more attempts as you want for only one Challenge! It let’s you evaluate your progression and compete with worldwide athletes.

How to challenge?

You just have to wait for CHALLENGE presentation after your registration to the competition. So, you’ll have 1 month to post all your attempts. You’ll discover standards and performance to do through video format at the beginning of the competition.

For each shared video on Romaleos Contest page, you’ll find your ranking on the competition leaderboard, Judges comments and our coaches advices to let you progress.

Ekxeeds offers wonderful rewards to encourage you to be the fittest athlete of ours challenges. We reward not only athletes but also the Boxes that have the biggest number of registered competitors. Feel our Ekxeeds spirit not only by ours performances rewards but also by ours progression rewards…